KAYO mobile

The Shadowboxing Game

Computer vision meets prize boxing in the mobile multiplayer fighting game.
Beat virtual opponents on the go, and earn crypto rewards.


motion tracking

A machine learning algorithm trained on 1,000+ real-world boxing rounds detects punches captured by your smartphone camera.


AI enemies

Watch opponents matching your shadowboxing skills level as you progress from beginner to master.


Progress and achievements

Earn XPs by completing daily challenges and defeating strong fighters. Higher-level elite players get access to tournaments and special events.



Instantly track your performance including speed, number of punches, diversity and time spent on switching your rival’s lights off.


Worldwide Crypto Tournaments

Coming later this year, shadowboxing tournaments with crypto prizes will be taking place every weekend. Sign up now for more details.

Key takeaways

Makes you fit
Fun and competitive

Big numbers

500K+ players

KAYO went viral as a Snapchat lens gaining a userbase of 500,000 players in 3 weeks, so we know we are building something people want.

Popular worldwide

40+ countries

We welcome players from US, Pakistan, India, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Egypt, Turkey, UK, Brasil, Iraq, Ethiopia, Cameroon, and more.

Free membership

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Get notified when we launch. Sign up to access the game early, participate in closed beta testing, and receive the latest announcements directly from CEO.

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